Pizza Religion

I am often faced with the dilemma of incorporating non-fried food into this blog, due to its namesake. I seem to harbor some sort of resentment toward the inclusion of the fried reference in name of this blog. However, I am putting aside my fried v.s non-fried reservations, and delivering a review purely comprising the humble pizza.

Perhaps pizza could be described as “The Madonna of food” – constantly undergoing reinventions and reinterpretations. This being said, let us pray that pizza never reaches the distastefulness that the aforementioned aging songstress clad in only a pink leotard achieved. Fear not. May your prayers be entrusted in the gospel of Pizza Religion.

Arriving at Pizza Religion, and feeling somewhat versed in the concept of gourmet pizza, the standard menu, whilst palatable, is almost boring… The usual suspects make an appearance, Margherita and Pepperoni, alongside a slew of vegetarian and carnivorous options. However, if none of these options take your fancy, and like me want something altogether outlandish in your pizza, then the special is most definitely for you. Fittingly for the festive season, the team have put together a Roast Turkey pizza. With little Turkey meatballs, walnut stuffing, pistachios, rocquette and lemon zest, your taste buds will undoubtedly feel “like a virgin, touched for the very first time” by the very concept of a Christmas Turkey Pizza.

And whilst your taste buds are experiencing the most holy and heavenly of highs, I urge that you indulge in their Cabbage, Herb, Parmesan and Lemon salad too. It’s light, healthy, and most importantly delicious.

It may come as a shock, but the pizza’s at Pizza Religion are not wood fired, which may seem strange as it seems every other fucking pizza shop these days does so. I guess in more ways than not, it’s actually rather refreshing.

If I am to find any negatives in the establishment, it would be that to make your way “through the wilderness” could be potentially harder than it seems. Unless you are driving or this evocative review has you frothing at the mouth and you have to simply jump in the next taxi available, a public transport alternative isn’t on offer as it is near neither and train or tram line.

Anyhow, make your way to Pizza Religion, for the most in vogue pizza joint on the east side.


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One thought on “Pizza Religion

  1. Paulina Simmons says:

    Good Jack.

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