Piadina Take Away

It’s hot outside. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We’re starving- and at this point, it would seem a decade since our last fried fix, and that the humid weather is promoting major hunger pains. It’s mid-week, and it must be considered, that through our middle of the working week stresses, we are after salvation, in something that is majorly un-healthy… Our fried food ventures again lead us north-east of the city, (as it is proving harder to find something fried in the CBD) on a short tram trip to Gertrude St. where, we soon find, is a one-stop-shop for curing our supreme ravenousness.

As we step in to Piadina Take Away, it’s quiet… but, we are re-assured, when we hear the faint, yet comforting sound of bacon spitting on the grill, and chips frying in the deep-fryer. We approach the counter, both transfixed with the angelic word that is CHIPS displayed on the chalk board menu. We order, and are seated in our lunch-bar-like, ‘no frills’ surroundings…after all, it’s called ‘Piadina take away’ for a reason. The enthusiasm between us wells, as we know, we are soon to be cured of our hunger, and our appetites will thank us.

I order a large fries, and Jack, the polenta fries. Naturally, I order the large rather than the smaller size, because, if I know one thing, it’s that we like us a big serving of French fries. Little did I know, this large was seriously large… like gargantuan. I’m talking a big-dinner-plate-piled-high-with-artery-clogging-cholesterol-filled-fried-chip-goodness. Not complaining so far! The fries are crispy and crunchy and reasonably well salted….but not oily at all… I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not, as these fries taste almost oven baked- and for anyone who knows their fries, you will know, no oven will cook a chip like a deep frier does. The aioli they are served with is tasty, and saves the fries from blandness. As for the polenta chips, they are well presented, but not outstanding in flavour… The dense polenta is encased in a crumb like batter, the saviour of these suckers being the rock salt which tops them like the snow atop a mountain, which, without it, would make for a relatively boring bite. They are served with a chili aioli, which pretty much tastes like aioli mixed in with a bit of chili sauce, leaving us both to choose to dip in the regular aoili that is served with the fries.

We get half way through our fried-food-marathon and almost opt for a certificate of participation…these chips are filling! But no, we must push through our brimming fullness and head for the finish line! We get almost to the end and decide that we can’t eat anymore- or a food coma will be entered. We leave a few sad chippies alone on the plate (this never happens!) and head for the drinks fridge to relieve ourselves of our salt consumption.

Our experience at Piadina Take Away is a rather pleasing one, our stomachs full and tastebuds pretty satisfied. The unfortunate thing- is that I feel there was a little quantity over quality in this case. Though, one must appreciate the value for money at Piadina Takeaway (both chips around $5 a serving). Happy eating!

130 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065



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